The Cambridge BioDesign Forum 2012

26th & 27th September, Cambridge, UK

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Emma Frow
Associate Director, ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, University of Edinburgh

Emma Frow is Associate Director at the ESRC Genomics Policy & Research Forum and a Lecturer in the Department of Science, Technology & Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Emma's research interests center around processes of standardization and valuation across engineering and the life sciences; sustainability in the bio-based economy; and objectivity and representation in scientific practice. She has been studying and working with the UK synthetic biology community since 2008, in particular focusing on the sociology of standards development and community-building initiatives. She was one of the coordinators of the UK Synthetic Biology Standards Network and has been a Human Practices advisor to the University of Edinburgh iGEM team (and a judge at the 2010 iGEM Jamboree). She is also a member of the EU-US Task Force on Biotechnology's Working Group on Synthetic Biology.

Emma obtained her PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and worked on the editorial team at Nature magazine before moving into the social sciences. She has an MSc in Science & Technology Studies from the University of Edinburgh.