The Cambridge BioDesign Forum 2012

26th & 27th September, Cambridge, UK

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Gos Micklem
Group Leader, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

Gos Micklem carried out PhD and postdoctoral research in budding yeast and Drosophila molecular genetics before switching to computational research at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.  His work on human genomic sequence annotation was the basis for the ENSEMBL annotation pipeline.  After three years he joined a biotech start-up company to head bioinformatics and four years after that joined the University of Cambridge Genetics Department, where his group develops the InterMine data integration platform which is being widely adopted by the model organism database community.  Other current research interests include genome sequencing and analysis (Symbiodinium, Stylophora, Bdelloid rotifer), Toxoplasma genomics, and synthetic biology.  Since 2005 he has co-organised the Cambridge team for the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) undergraduate summer competition in synthetic biology, with the team winning the grand prize in 2009 against 110 teams from across the world.  In 2004 he was made Director of the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute (CCBI).