The Cambridge BioDesign Forum 2012

26th & 27th September, Cambridge, UK


The Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) is the name given to the physical site and buildings occupied by Cambridge University’s Faculty of Mathematics and its constituent departments. The first day of the Cambridge BioDesign Forum will be held at the CMS in the Department of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). DAMTP provides a spacious and comfortable surrounding, with a 175 seat lecture theatre and a large concourse area ideal for exhibitions and networking sessions.

More information about the CMS can be found at
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Microsoft Research set up its Cambridge lab in 1997 at the West Cambridge site, near to the University of Cambridge’s Computer Science department. Microsoft Research undertakes a wide range of research & development, with the Cambridge group focusing on areas including Computer-Mediated Living, Computational Science and Machine Learning & Perception. Microsoft Research hosts the second and final day of the Cambridge BioDesign Forum and its 120 seat lecture theatre provides an excellent environment to conclude the event.

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Downing College of the University of Cambridge was founded in 1800 through a bequest made by Sir George Downing. The college is located in the centre of Cambridge, set amidst 20 acres of beautiful lawns, and offers a range of high quality facilities to accommodate guests. Accommodation in Downing is available to Forum guests on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th September, with an early 8.30am start scheduled for the meeting on both the Wednesday and Thursday.

More information about Downing College can be found at
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