The Cambridge BioDesign Forum 2012

26th & 27th September, Cambridge, UK

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th September will see the launch of The Cambridge BioDesign Forum. “(un)Sustainable Development?: the role of the bioengineer in the 21st century” is the first event in a new annual series. The Forum will focus on biotechnology, its application to global challenges and the wider consequences for our society. Cambridge BioDesign are pulling together an exciting list of speakers, attendees and partner organisations from a diverse range of backgrounds, for what is hoped will prove a very enjoyable, engaging, and unique two days for all involved. Invited participants are leaders in bioengineering, ecology & environmental studies, design, business, law, ethics, social issues and governance.

The first day of the Forum will be held at Cambridge University’s Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Alongside talks from high-profile speakers, the first day will include shorter group sessions. These sessions will provide a platform for developing relationships and ideas with other stakeholders in biotechnology, sustainability and business.

Cambridge BioDesign are also pushing hard to engage the public. With the help of the University’s Public Engagement team, we are hosting a
public session at the University’s Chemistry Department on the evening of Wednesday 26th September. Following his acclaimed performance in '10 billion' at the Royal Court, Microsoft Research's Stephen Emmott will be speaking on the consequences of over-population and the difficult technological and societal choices we face in addressing the global challenges of the 21st century.

The final day of ‘The Cambridge BioDesign Forum’, Thursday 27th September, sees another exciting line-up of international speakers at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. A leader in the development of computational tools monitoring global climate change, ecological & environmental change, as well as the latest biotechnological design software, Microsoft Research provides an appropriate setting for the conclusion of the Forum.

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