The Cambridge BioDesign Forum 2012

26th & 27th September, Cambridge, UK

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Cambridge BioDesign Forum Public Event:
"Need and Nature of a new Scientific Revolution"
Stephen Emmott, Microsoft Research
Wednesday 26 September 2012
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This is the century of the Bioengineer.

World population has doubled in the last fifty years and continues to grow rapidly. We are fast approaching Earth's carrying capacity, exhausting the planet's natural resources. Man's destruction of natural habitats, accelerated extinction of species and climate change have dire implications for our future.

We need to change the way we live.

New biotechnologies promise clean energy, sustainable manufacturing, food security and effective disease intervention that would transform our society and the way we interact with our environment. How should we develop these technologies, realising their potential and minimising the risks?

The Cambridge BioDesign Forum is a two-day event centred on biotechnology, its application to global challenges and the consequences for our society. Invited participants are leaders in bioengineering, design, business, law, ethics, social issues and governance. We are building a multidisciplinary community to find innovative and practical solutions to the tough, exciting decisions we face.